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How To Be A Sex Goddess

Every woman can awaken the goddess within, and embrace their divine sexuality! Here's a few simple pointers to help you on your way.

1. Know that Goddesses are there to be worshipped. Goddesses know they are perfect within themselves, and lesser mortals must give way in their presence. Goddesses don't try to make themselves worship-worthy. They don't pander to their followers. Rather, they inspre devotees to worship.

To be a sex goddess, you need self assurance, and an absolute belief that you are sexy. You must be at home with yourself, comfortable with who and what you are. Know your flaws, but love them as a mark of your individuality. Celebrate the aspects of you that are sexual, and nurture them.

2. Masturbate. Learn to know the rhythms of your body, and what works for you. Cultivate your own pleasure like a garden. Don't be ashamed of it, or worry that it's "not normal". When you know what turns you on, and what makes you orgasm, you become more self aware, and you can share that knowledge with others.

3. Find power in your orgasm. Your pleasure is an expression of yourself, and it's also a conduit to spirituality. When you feel ecstasy, it's almost like you're experiencing a whole new way of being. Ancient people found magic and religion in that moment.

4. Posture. Hold your head up, lift your ribs out of your stomach, push your shoulders back. Goddesses walk tall. You will breathe better, your muscles will thank you, and you will feel like a goddess. Go barefoot whenever you can, this will help.

5. Dress yourself for your own pleasure. Find clothes that make you feel wonderful. You can choose clothes that are flattering, and make you feel sexy, or clothes that enhance your best features... but remember, you are doing it for your own delight. Wear your favourite colour as often as possible. And don't forget comfortable clothes that enhance your senses, like silk shirts, or flowing cotton garments. If you are aware of your skin, you are in touch with your senses, and your sexuality.

6. Pamper yourself. Take time out for yourself. Take a long bath, listen to quiet, sensual music, get a massage. Goddesses deserve pleasure.

7. Create a temple. This may mean tidying up your bedroom, lighting candles, buying silk lingerie or burning incense. Do your best to make sure that sex is a step above the mundane.

8. Expect worship. That means respect, especially in bed. Sex goddesses are there to be pleasured, and honoured. Your lover is your partner in a sacred ancient ritual of love. Ensure that you are satisfied.

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