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Sex Goddesses

In the sterile world of male monotheistic religion, neither women nor sex are afforded a place in the divine pantheon.

In other religions, however, there are numerous goddesses of fertility and sex, embodying the spiritual aspect of this part of our lives. Here we list some of the best-known sex goddesses.

Earth Mother
One of the oldest and most revered of sex and fertility goddesses. The Earth Mother, sometimes known as Gaia, was worshipped by our Paleolithic ancestors. Ancient figurines depicting a faceless woman with huge breasts and a pregnant stomach attest to the long-held belief that female fertility was divine.

Also known as Inanna and Astarte, Ishtar was the Babylonian goddess of love, sex and war, and was well known throughout the Middle East until Christianity diminished her followers. Ishtar's day of menstruation, her "sabbatu", was ritualised and celebrated every full moon, when no travelling or eating of cooked food was allowed. Historians say this eventually evolved into the sabbath. Priestesses of Ishtar practiced ritual prostitution, and every woman was expected to prostitute herself for Ishtar at least once in her life, and give the takings to the temple.

Venus Aphrodite
The Greeks and the Romans both revered this goddess, who was considered the most beautiful of all the divine beings. She had affairs with gods and men alike, but loved Adonis most of all, and wept tears of rosebuds when he died.

This Norse goddess of sexwas originally married to Odin, king of the gods, until he philandered. Then she engaged in numerous love affairs, including one with her brother, Frey, who was the god of fertility. She also slept with four dwarves and was rewarded with a necklace for the feat.

The Ancient Egyptian goddess of pleasure and sexual love took the form of a cat. During her festivals more wine was drunk than at any other time of the year, and plenty of free love occurred.

A darker goddess, sometimes known as a demon, Jahi is a goddess of whores, defilers and adulterers, and represents debauchery. She was best known in Babylonia, also also has a part in the Zoroastrian pantheon.

A Russian goddess of Spring and fertility, she dances with her brother Iarilo at the Summer Solstice.

Legend has it that Adam's first wife was Lilith, however she was cast out of Eden because she refused to be submissive to Adam by having sex in the missionary position. She stole some of Yahweh's power and flew to the Red Sea. She was originally a Sumerian goddess called Belit-Ili.

The Aztecs worshipped Xochiquetzal ("most precious flower") as the deity of love, pleasure and fecundity. Her festival was celebrated with human sacrifice.

Rati and Priti
Rati, the goddess of sexual desire, and Priti, the goddess of pleasure, are the consorts of Kama, the Hindu god of love.

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